Tornitura Pesce is renewed, starting with its name, and becomes Pesce Metal Factory. It is a significant change with a strong communicative impact, arising from an in-house choice made to meet the dynamics of an increasingly international market and to offer a renewed image for the company.

PESCE METAL FACTORY: rebranding as a modern metal carpentry business

In addition to conveying freshness and innovation, the new name brings together 3 words with a deep meaning, demonstrating a close bond with the past and, at the same time, the desire to open up to new markets and challenges.

  1. Pesce is the company and family name, the common characteristic that links the past to the present.
  2. Metal represents the raw material processed, which is the starting point for manufacturing products with high aesthetic appeal and quality.
  3. Factory represents the company, a centre where many experts work together and offer customers a complete production chain.

A new logo for our services such as metal spinning and metal forming

The same elements conveyed in our Company Name are clearly found in the new logo, complementing company communication. The letters “PMF” contain a symbolic value within their graphic design:

  • the letter “P“, consisting of two geometric shapes, represents the range of processes such as metal spinning and metal forming carried out at the company;
  • the letter “M“, with its special shape, recalls the details of the systems used in processing and the company’s silhouette;
  • the letter “F“, which ends the sequence, evokes the concept of productivity.

The logo is black, an elegant colour that makes you think of materials, and easily stands out without requiring any additional colours.

It is a choice that speaks of embracing the future, offering increasingly original and innovative solutions, with the quality that has always been a hallmark of the company, thanks to the experience and skills gained over the years.