Project Description


2D/3D laser cutting is one of the processes that Pesce Metal Factory makes available to its customers.

The laser cutting process uses a beam of light emitted by a special lens that heats sheet metal until it melts and cuts it. The laser beam then follows the set cutting path.


The company uses this process to cut iron, steel, aluminium, copper and brass. The cut pieces can reach a thickness that varies depending on the material:

  • 20 mm for iron
  • 10 mm for steel
  • 8 mm for aluminium
  • 6 mm for copper and brass

Unlike 2D laser cutting, which allows shapes to be obtained from flat sheet metal, in 3D laser cutting, three-dimensional cutting is performed on parts already deformed by bending, pressing or turning.

All the pieces machined by laser cutting undergo strict quality control and appropriate storage.

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