Project Description


Pesce Metal Factory provides a surface powder-coating finishing service, thanks to its in-house system.

The company can therefore directly oversee all the different phases of the metalworking process, guaranteeing its customers high quality and savings in carrying out the work.


Powder coating is a process that coats metal surfaces with synthetic resin-based powder dyes. The powder, applied with a special spray gun, adheres to the surface of the metal piece by electrostatic induction.

Pesce Metal Factory uses this technology to powder coat different types of materials, such as: iron, steel, aluminium, copper, brass, as well as galvanized materials.

The powder coating system consists of four distinct processing phases.

The process starts with selecting the pieces to be coated from the warehouse and setting up the processing chain of the system. The pieces are hooked to the chain with equipment (technically called a rack frame) designed to optimize the configuration and processing of the workflow.

The material to be coated initially undergoes a pre-treatment phase, passing through a tunnel where it is phosphodegreased, rinsed and dried, followed by a coating phase in a ventilated booth. Our operators manually apply the powder coating to surfaces using special spray guns.

Finally, the pieces enter an in-line kiln and on coming out they are colour-coated and ready to be checked and packaged.

Pesce Metal Factory offers its customers an extensive range of colours for coating metal materials, with a wide choice of customised options.

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